Meet the Team


Founder/ Director

After visiting the Los Angeles Dream Center in 2002, Pastor Paul began to gain a vision for benevolent ministry. As youth pastor of Park West Church, he began using teenagers to serve widows and single parents in the church. His heart to serve the poor and needy only continued to grow, but it would take more than a decade to see his dreams come to pass with the launch of the Knoxville Dream Center in August of 2014.
In 2015, Pastor Paul became Campus Pastor at Park West Church Dutch Valley.
Located just next door to the Knoxville Dream Center, the relationship between the two present untold opportunities for building the Kingdom of God here in Knoxville! Pastor Paul is married to his wife Charity, and has four children; Olivia, Ava, Ezra, and Kai.  

Ross jones

Director of Operations

Ross’s earliest memories of Jesus being “fleshed out” were of his parents taking battered women and children into their home.  Since then, his heart has always been for the broken and hurting in society.  
Ross got his start in ministry as a youth pastor at Trinity Community Church, and after a brief stint in the private sector, the "can't miss" opportunity came to work at the Knoxville Dream Center!  God's heart is close to those who are broken and hurting, and that's where Ross wants to be. He is married to his awesome wife, Stephanie, and has three boys; Wesley, Sam, and Lake. 

John Unthank 

Make a Teacher Smile Director

Pastor John serve as a liaison between the Dream Center and eleven elementary and community schools in Knoxville serving over 2000 students and 360 teachers.
He thoroughly enjoys his ministry to the Title-One Schools! Having been a minister for close to 50 years, he found reaching out to the University of Tennessee campus and now the Title-One Schools as some of the most rewarding times of ministry in his life.
John and his wife, Shelia, have been living in Knoxville for nearly 28 years and consider it home. They have two sons, two wonderful daughter-in-laws and seven lovely grandchildren. They are blessed and want to be a blessing to the Title-One Schools and others in the city of Knoxville through the Knoxville Dream Center.

Rod Maples 

Operations Manager 

Rod is married to his lovely wife Terri, has a daughter named Jamie and two cats. His background has mostly been in the business world and he has served in the military for six years.

Rod's passion for the homeless started while he was working at his previous job. To avoid taking the interstate to work, he would pass by KARM and Salvation Army in down town Knoxville. He began to notice all the homeless people on the streets on his new work route and would ask himself, "Why are they homeless?" and "How they could be helped?"
Since then, he desired to make a difference in the homeless community and started working at Lost Sheep Ministry to help make that happen. He has been with Lost Sheep Ministry and the Knoxville Dream Center since 2011 and his heart for the homeless grows more and more everyday.

Jessica Garret 

Kitchen Manager

Jessica is a native of Tennessee, growing up on a small farm in North Knoxville.
Raising animals and gardening led to her pursing a career working with food. She first started serving in her church pantry when she was 12 years old and it had a dramatic impression on her, especially establishing the view that food brings people and cultures together and works as a catalyst to share the love and gospel of Christ.
She has a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management with an emphasis in Culinary Arts and has worked in the food industry for over 15 years. In 2013 she was given the opportunity to serve our community here at the Dream Center volunteering on food trucks then came on board as the Food Manager in 2015.
She and her husband Michael are involved in the children's ministry at Awaken City Church and have a heart for the hurting and forgotten, especially children.

Emily Wasmundt

Administrative Assistant

Emily is the second oldest out of her six siblings. In her family, she is known as another mother to the younger children. It is something that has shaped her to be the person she is today, as well as something she absolutely loves!
In her free time, she enjoys crafting, reading, being with family and friends, as well as working in the youth ministry at her church. She has a passion for people, and a heart to serve and love like Christ does. She longs to see lives transformed through the truth and power of Jesus Christ.
Emily has always admired those who worked for non-profit organizations, and one day desired to work at one herself. When the opportunity came for her to work at the Knoxville Dream Center, she was thrilled! She is excited to be able to serve those who need it most here in the Knoxville community through the Knoxville Dream Center.