Under the Bridge Homeless Outreach

What is Under the Bridge?

Even though the Knoxville Dream Center started in 2014, it has its roots in a ministry that started close to 30 years ago.

In the early ’90s, Maxine Raines launched Lost Sheep Ministry. Growing up homeless herself, Maxine wanted to give back; she wanted to see the homeless in Knoxville cared for and find faith in Jesus Christ.

Armed with hot dogs, Maxine served the homeless from the trunk of her car and never looked back! Eventually finding a “home” under the I-40 Bridge, Lost Sheep Ministry has served the homeless every Wednesday evening for close to 30 years...not missing one Wednesday during this time!

Currently, Lost Sheep Ministry provides a number of different services Under the Bridge.  One can always find a hot meal and a fresh pair of clothes when needed. Also, every Wednesday night we have a medical team ready to provide basic medical treatment,  first aid, and perform vitals for those who want it.  Many nursing and PA students serve with us alongside our volunteer staff.

Once a month on the second Wednesday of the month we provide dental services in a mobile trailer.  Lastly, our prayer team is always ready to pray with those who want it and facilitate long term treatment and care for those who want off the streets.

Affectionately, we call "Under the Bridge" the largest living room in Knoxville!  It is a safe place for the homeless community to gather and find people who will love on them unconditionally!

Where & What Time?

Under the Bridge takes place under the I-40 Bridge every Wednesday evening from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM.
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When you arrive, turn on Maxine Raines Rd (McGhee Ave).  Follow it down to the parking lot where you will be serving for the evening.

What we do:


This outreach is accomplished each week by a large team of volunteers.  A hot meal is prepared in the LSM facility kitchen, and served at portable dining tables. Folks have a unique opportunity to relax, and form relationships with volunteers who are caring and nonjudgmental. A take-away bag of food is distributed to those who need additional food for the week.


Homeless neighbors have little options for clothing. When clothes become soiled or wet, they must be discarded.  Volunteers distribute gently used clothing each week to anyone who has a need. Also, clothing is avaiable for job interviews, and work clothes for temporary employment.


Prayer, a brief Christian message, music and special events are a part of each week. This offers comfort, inspiration, and a chance to hear the Gospel.  Attendance is not required to receive services.

Prayer Table 

A table is available for those requesting prayer, Christian literature, and Bibles. Volunteers are available to counsel with those in crisis, and offer referrals to resources available in Knoxville.

Medical Outreach

A medical station is available with volunteer medical doctor once a month, and nurses every week to screen for high blood pressure and diabetes. First Aid is administered, and medical volunteers are alert to any emergency that may arise. Each week builds on forming a trusting relationship with the chronic homeless who do not frequent medical clinics.

Dental Outreach

A mobile dental trailer is UTB two Wednesday nights each month. Usually it is the second and third weeks but is subject to change depending on the availability of the dentist. Services provide are cleanings, and tooth extractions.

Annual Flu Clinic

Free flu vaccines are available for the homeless Under the Bridge every year.

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