Make a Teacher Smile 2020

It's Back to school time in tennessee!

COVID-19 has changed things, but we will continue to support our schools!

With all the uncertainty the last few months has provided, there is one thing that is for certain:  School starts back August 17th!  More than ever, students and teachers will need all the support and encouragement we can give them.

That is where our Make a Teacher Smile campaign comes in!

Every year, the Knoxville Dream Center holds our Make a Teacher Smile campaign in order to give a "starter" pack of supplies to teachers and students in Title-One Schools.  Title-One Schools have less resources than most schools, so they need community support.  With COVID-19 protocols in place, things may look a little different this year.  In fact, students will not be able to swap or share school supplies, so now, more than ever, it is important for us to rally behind our under-resourced schools to give them the school supplies they need.

When you buy at least one box of crayons and one box of pencils, you will be supporting a student in one of these schools...
  • Maynard Elementary School
  • West View Elementary School
  • Beaumont Elementary School
  • Pond Gap Elementary School
  • Norwood Elementary School
  • Inskip Elementary School
  • Fountain City Elementary School

Below, you will find ways in which you can participate in this year's Make a Teacher Smile campaign.  A simple box of crayons and box of pencils will help under-resourced students start the year off strong!  Any monetary donations received that go above our current goal will go towards supplying teachers with resources throughout the school year.  

There are three ways in which you can purchase supplies

Amazon Wish List

One stop shop for crayons and pencils!   For a little over $40, you can purchase crayons for 24 students and pencils for 8 students.  You can have the supplies shipped to us as well.  Our address is
1444 Breda Dr.  Knoxville, TN 37918
Click this link or the Amazon logo above to go to the Amazon Wish List.

Shop and Drop

With all the back to school sales going on right now, you can find deals on school supplies in our local box stores.  Once purchased, you can drop off the supplies at the KDC warehouse and the locations listed below.
Rocky Hill Pharmacy- 7660 S Northshore Drive
Val's Boutique- 7309 Kingston Pike
Olive Vines Boutique- 4921 Homberg Drive

Monetary Donation

Whether it is a donation of $5 or $100, you can make your monetary donation here.  We will order the supplies for you!  To designate your donation, please select "Make a Teacher Smile" when giving.
Click the dollar sign above or this link to go to our giving page!