Title-one School Outreach

What is Make a teacher smile?

Our Make a Teacher Smile program equips and encourages the staff and students at Title-One Schools.  Title-One schools often lack basic resources and tools that other schools take for granted.  In fact, many of them do not have PTA's or PTO's for support.  So, along with other community partners, we come in and provide practical and emotional support for the staff and students.

One area KDC is focusing on is teacher well-being.  Here are some items of note provided by PanoramaEd…
• In one study, 85% of teachers reported that work-life balance was affecting their ability to teach.
• Research has shown that more than one in five new teachers leave the teaching profession within their first five years of teaching, and that this attrition is substantially worse in high-poverty schools.
• A study by the US Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) found that 17% of new teachers leave their jobs within the first five years of teaching.
• In 2017, the American Federation of Teachers’ Quality of Work Life survey revealed that 61% of educators feel stressed “often” or “always” at work, on par with that of physicians and nurses.

Many programs focus in on the students, but when we equip and encourage teachers,
the classrooms will flourish!

Teaching is a calling.  Our heart is to come alongside teachers and provide support as they equip the next generation.  When teachers are stressed, turnover is a possibility which can impact the school, students, and classrooms in negative ways.  We want to mitigate turnover and make teachers feel appreciated and loved!

Practically, every year we provide school supplies for over 300 teachers through our Make a Teacher Smile Campaign.  Most teachers have to purchase back to school supplies from their own pockets at Title-One Schools.  We try to make it a little easier on them by supplying these items throughout the year through monetary and community donations.

Recently, we have partnered with Refill Coffee Cart to provide gourmet coffee treats during the year.  We have so much positive feedback from teachers on how these treats alone make them feel appreciated!

Whether it's supplies, washers and dryers, coffee treats, winter coats, shoes, or other things we can provide for teachers to make their well being and their classroom's well being better, KDC is there to serve!

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