We wouldn't be here without you.

Without donors and volunteers we wouldn't be able to serve our community in the ways that we do. So, every month we want to highlight those who consistently support us and our community in more ways than one. These supporters have been crucial in expanding and deepening our impact in the community.
This is our Supporter Spotlight!
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Refill Coffee Cart!

This month we wanted to shine the spotlight on Refill Coffee Cart!

From using locally roasted coffee beans, milk from a local dairy, helping local non-profits & partnering with local businesses to provide a coffee perk to its customers & employees, Refill are dedicated to helping improve everyone's day with a cup of coffee.

Adam Kennedy and the Refill team have been a key component to our Make-A-Teacher Smile campaign by providing well over 1,000 cups of gourmet coffee to Title-One School Teachers along with out of this world service.
We cannot thank Refill enough for their amazing work!

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